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New helmets added 06/20/2014

These pages are dedicated to the combat helmet of the XXth century.
I mainly collect french helmets, but I am also interested in helmets from other countries.
Collecting helmets is another way to travel into the history of the last century.
By studying helmets, it's possible to see the polotical connections between countries during a period.
For example, after the world war II, most of the countries of NATO helmet nearly identical to the US M1 one, and most of the countries of the East Block adopted oned based on the Russian ones.
To sum up, I collect helmets and I am interested in all the history of the XXth century.
If you find some errors in my pages, or want some help about a particular helmet, please, feel free to send me a mail, and If I can I will glad to help you.

Je suis à la recherche d'un casque US navy MKII, réutilisé dans la marine française. Ainsi que tout documents ou informations sur les casques prototypes du F1, ainsi que des F1 particuliers (peinture, marquage,...) Au cas ou, contactez-moi !

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